2nd Anniversary Gift: Cotton

Year two is cotton.  I can’t even begin to tell you how long I had to rack my brain for ideas that weren’t blankets or clothes.  This was a hard one for me, and it’s only my second time giving a “themed” anniversary gift!

100% Cotton Canvas 2nd Anniversary Gift
Cotton Canvas

A long time ago, Chris and I were talking about how we’d eventually decorate his office and we were trying to decide how to incorporate his many interests in one room.  He wanted Toy Story, Iron Man, space shuttles, Star Wars, and more and I had no idea how to incorporate them all into the space.  Randomly, we came up with an idea that included silhouettes of all the things he loves painted on canvases.  Since I’m not a great painter by any means, I had no idea how I was going to attempt this project.

Death Star Vinyl Decal Buzz Lightyear Vinyl Decal

I worked with two very wonderful businesses on Etsy to make sure I got the exact vinyl decals I wanted.  I ordered Buzz and the Death Star from Blessed Bee Creations and Iron Man’s Arc Reactor from Fenyx Design Shop.  I couldn’t find the Death Star or the Arc Reactor anywhere so they were custom designs.  I am so thankful that both shops were willing to work with me and create such awesome keepsakes!

I love how thin the canvases are, and I will definitely use them for more projects.You can find similar canvases here on Amazon.

What did you do for your second anniversary?  Are you following the tradition anniversary gifts or the modern ones?


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    1. Thank you Emily! Cotton was a hard one. I really wanted to get him a cotton hammock but since we’re in an apartment that wouldn’t work! haha Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

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