Beachy Canvas Art

I’ve got another master bedroom project for you!  And this is one I’m really really excited about.

When I was shopping for Chris’ 2nd Anniversary Gift, I saw some great burlap canvases from Hobby Lobby.  I thought burlap would look great in the room and I decided that beach stencils would be a great way to incorporate the theme.


I’ve only used stencils one time before, and that was on my office products.  I struggled a bit when I used them the first time, so for this project I knew I’d need some spray glue to keep the stencil in place.  Just a warning, be very conservative with the glue.  I used to much on one of the canvases and there is a permanent glue spot.

So unfortunate, because this is my favorite canvas out of the bunch!
So unfortunate, because this is my favorite canvas out of the bunch!

They aren’t perfect, but I don’t think anything handmade is ever perfect.  They are perfect for the room though!  I feel like everything is slowly coming together.  We’re getting new bedding soon (I hate our duvet cover!), and I have at least one or two more things in mind before I’m calling this bedroom redo over!

Life's a Beach Canvas Art from Crafty Wife

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What are your thoughts?

Are you a fan of themed rooms?


  1. Love it! But I’m lucky since my married name is Beach (makes it fun) and yes, I am totally doing a Beach themed guest bedroom so I am on the lookout for crafty items to fit that. Pinned!

    1. You could have so much fun with your last name! haha I love beach themed rooms, especially if you live in a place that has a winter season! I just feel like they bring a bit of sunshine to the home!

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