The Best Places to Buy Patterned Vinyl

I love finding fun vinyl patterns to use for my projects! I’ve put together a list of where you can buy patterned vinyl to give your craft projects a completely different and unique look. 

Rolls of Heat Transfer and Adhesive Patterned Vinyl to use for projects

Sometimes I just want something different than a sheet of colored vinyl. Glitter is nice, I love flocked vinyl, and a simple color is great for some projects but sometimes I just want more. Because rainbow vinyl just looks better for certain projects.

Patterned vinyl isn’t new but it’s something a lot of the mainstream vinyl stores didn’t have for a very long time. This type of vinyl is a pattern printed on to a piece of printable vinyl (you can do heat transfer or adhesive/permanent vinyl) and you can use it like you would any other type of vinyl! 

It’s my favorite type of vinyl to use when I just want to give a project a pop of color or do something different with it!

Rolls of Heat Transfer and Adhesive Patterned Vinyl to use for projects

If you’ve never used patterned vinyl before you probably need ideas on what you can use it on! Don’t worry, I have a few ideas for you that’ll get those creative ideas rolling. Once you start using it you just won’t be able to stop. 

This vinyl life is addicting guys. I’m warning you now.

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Check out these fun projects to use patterned vinyl for!

Patterned Vinyl Monograms

Save time, stress, and vinyl with this one simple trick that I use to help you layer vinyl the easy way. Perfect for designs with multiple colors!

Monograms are always a great way to use up your patterned vinyl. They add a little something extra to the letters too! You should also always use thick letters to show off the patterned vinyl. 

For this mandala mug I bought the file from MLM Design Studio on Etsy and the Patterned Vinyl from New Chance Vinyl (called Watercolor 2). I used a solid color for the monogram and it really stands out against all the colors in the mandala! 

Patterned Vinyl Monogram Projects:

Patterned Vinyl Home Decor

Sometimes solid color vinyl just isn’t enough, and in those times I really glad we have tons of options for patterned vinyl. How cute is this layered design from A Girl and a Glue Gun? The polka dot pattern on the pumpkin is cute by itself but by layering solid colors underneath it it makes the patterned vinyl stand out even more!

Patterned vinyl home decor projects:

Patterned Vinyl Tote Bags

Who doesn’t need a tote bag? Whether you’re heading to the beach, running after kids, or just want to take one to the library or book store (guilty) they always come in handy. And what better way to decorate them than with fun prints! 

This is another craft where you want to use thick designs so that you can really see the patterns of the vinyl!

Patterned vinyl tote bag projects:

Patterned Vinyl T-Shirts

Buy Patterned Vinyl - Want to change up your vinyl game and find some cool new vinyl patterns to try for your projects? I've put together a list of my favorite places to buy patterned vinyl (heat transfer and permanent vinyl!) for your next Silhouette Cameo or Cricut project!

Y’all know how much I love making t-shirts. I have a whole category on the blog about it because I’m obsessed! I’ve used patterned vinyl on a few of the shirts and I always love how they come out! To get the best result always use fat/large letters so that you can really see the pattern!

Patterned vinyl t-shirt projects:

Sometimes patterned vinyl is just the better choice for projects. It gives everything a unique look plus it gives you an opportunity to use a new material and add something different to whatever you’re making. I love shopping for fun and unique patterns!

Rolls of Heat Transfer and Adhesive Patterned Vinyl to use for projects

Tips for cutting patterned vinyl

  1. + Never mirror your design when cutting with heat transfer patterned vinyl! (this is true for most patterned vinyl you’ll buy but double check to make sure there’s no carrier sheet before you cut just to make sure!).
  2. To cut, put the pattern up on the mat (looking at you).
  3. You do not need special cut settings, it’s the same as smooth vinyl (those are the settings you’ll want to use).
  4. Heat Transfer Patterned Vinyl does not come with a carrier sheet on top of it (which is why you don’t need to mirror the design before cutting heat transfer vinyl). What I typically do is cut a design with regular htv and then use the carrier sheet from that project for my patterned vinyl.
Rolls of Heat Transfer and Adhesive Patterned Vinyl to use for projects

Patterned vinyl is something different to use if you’re tired of solid colors, glitter vinyl, or flocked vinyl. Browsing the internet will send you down a rabbit hole of colorful patterns and crazy designs. There’s something for everyone! 

But if you don’t want to spend hours searching and just want someone to tell you where to look for the patterns, I’ve got you covered. Here are my six favorite shops to look at when I’m searching to buy patterned vinyl!

The Best Places to Buy Patterned Vinyl

I love fun vinyl patterns! Here's a list of my favorite places to buy patterned vinyl to give your craft projects a completely different and unique look. 


  1. How does the patterned HTV hold up in the wash? I’ve been hesitant about using it because I don’t want to make my project then have the pattern fade after washing.

    1. It holds up well! I always wash mine on the gentle cycle and turn it inside out though, and always hang it to dry too. I’ve found sometimes (with regular HTV not patterned) that it can come off in the dryer so I just tend to be overly cautious and hang all of them to dry now.

  2. Hi! Can you point me to where you purchased (if you purchased) the mermaid SVG? Thanks! -Courtney

    1. Hi Courtney! I actually did not purchase it. If you’re in Disney groups on fb (for the Cricut or Silhouette) you can find them there! Let me know if you need group recommendations, I have a few good ones!

      1. Could you please, pretty please send a link for the mermaid svg file? My granddaughter would absolutely LOVE that shirt!! Thank you,
        Teresa S

        1. Hi Teresa! Unfortunately I cannot since it’s Disney’s intellectual property but if you want to make it for yourself you can google search a coloring page of Ariel and use that for your inspiration!

          If you have any questions let me know. I can walk you through how I made it if the above doesn’t make sense. 🙂

  3. I need all the help I can get. I’ve done a few small things. I cant get anything to cut the full 12 by 12 how,so I take the outlkne out on the sillhouette

    1. Hi Dawn! Can you elaborate a little more on your problem? Do you have the 12×12 mat and page size selected for your machine? And are you using a Portrait or a Cameo? The Portrait only lets you cut up to 10″ wide.

  4. New Chance Vinyl: You have recommended this site for printed vinyl. You should read all the bad reviews on her Facebook page. You may want to rethink recommending this company.

    1. Hi Susan, thank you for your comment! I have been shopping with New Chance Vinyl for a few years now and have never run into any issues. But I will say that I encourage others to do research on stores before they buy from them, especially if they are a first time buyer!

      Thank you again for taking the time to comment and let me know your feelings about the company. Have a wonderful day!

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