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Epcot was always one of those parks that I hated as a kid.  There never seemed to be anything fun to do and I hated walking all around World Showcase (my mom’s favorite part).  My poor parents had to listen to my sister and I complain all day long, because we would have much rather been at MGM (now Hollywood Studios) or the Magic Kingdom. I didn’t fully appreciate Epcot until I went with Chris for the first time in 2009.  When I was younger, we didn’t really go on a lot of rides at the park and unless you were 21 or over, you couldn’t join in and drink around the world.  So, what else was there to do but walk around and be bored?  Chris ended up showing me that Epcot actually has a lot to offer, and it has now become one of my favorite parks to visit. Let's Talk Disney!  Epcot for Kids Spaceship Earth: This is one of my favorite rides, and always a must-do for Chris and I.  It’s located inside the big ball and you can jump on this ride as soon as you enter the park. SpaceShip Earth takes you on a journey, showing you just how far we’ve come since the beginning of time.  It also lets you plan the type of future you want and you get to see a little video of yourself living in your ideal world at the end of the ride.  It’s fun. Once you exit the ride you walk into the Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the Future room where you can spend some time playing games and sending yourself the funny video of you in your futuristic world. Height Recommendation: None Age: All ages

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Future World

The Seas with Nemo and Friends: Another can’t miss for Chris and I!  This ride is so cute and fun that we just can’t resist going on it.  Follow Nemo and Friends and they go on an adventure across the ocean and meet some loveable characters (and not so loveable ones) from the movie along the way. Once you get off the ride you can explore the area, which includes Turtle Talk with Crush (definitely recommended!) and walking through the aquarium to see all the different fish. Height Recommendation: None Age:  All ages Living with the Land: This ride may seem silly, but we go on it every time.  It’s educational and interesting to watch the future of food production in action.  There is not really much to say about this ride other than it’s nice to sit down for a little bit after walking all day. Height Recommendation: None Age:  All ages Soarin’: Located in the same building as Living with the Land, Soarin’ is a fun attraction for the whole family!  We only go on this ride if we get a Fastpass because we do not like waiting 90+ minutes to go on it!  Hang glide over California and see some of the most famous sites while doing so.  It’s a fun ride, even though it usually has a really long wait time. Height Recommendation: 40in or taller Age:  Kids, Teens, Adults Captain EO: Are you a Michael Jackson fan?  If so, then you definitely want to go on this 3D adventure!  This attraction was very popular back in the 1980’s and they brought it back to the parks two years ago for a limited release.  While I don’t know how long it will be here, this is one ride you should definitely make time for. Height Recommendation: None Age:  Kids, Teens, Adults Test Track: Epcot reopened this ride last year after a complete overhaul, and it has to be my new favorite ride at the park.  Not only do you get to design your own car, but there is a fun competition during the ride that tests how your car does against the other passengers designs.  The lines can get really really long for this attraction, so make sure you get a Fastpass for it with your Magic Bands, otherwise you’ll be waiting 90 minutes or more. Once you get off the ride you can take pictures with different cars, play video games, or design another car.  This is fun to do on those extremely hot days because you can get out of the sun and heat for a little while. Height Recommendation: 40in or taller Age:  Kids, Teens, Adults Mission Space: I use to love this ride when I was younger, but Chris and I very rarely go on it now.  Mostly because we get sick.  Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut?  Well, dream no more!  Board your vessel and launch into space on this thrilling ride.  You can choose your level of intensity (Green: low, Orange: high) before boarding and pick which role you want to be (engineer, navigator, pilot, or commander).  Even though Green is supposed to be the milder ride of the two, Chris and I got extremely sick on it (and neither of us are prone to motion sickness!).  So if you have a queasy stomach, just ate, or are prone to motion sickness do not do this ride.  Otherwise, prepare to launch! Height Recommendation: 44in or taller Age: Kids, Teens, Adults Club Cool: This is not an attraction, but it is definitely something to stop and do at Epcot. Sponsored by Coca-Cola, Club Cool has a variety of different soda flavors from around the world that you can try (for free!).  Some are incredibly disgusting but there are a few that will keep you coming back for more!  It’s a great place to go when you’re thirsty and don’t want to pay for a large drink.  (note: it’s located right behind the new Starbucks) Innovations: A two building pavilion for kids and adults that features exhibits like Sum of All Thrills (design your own thrill ride!), Videogame Playground (test out the latest in video game technology), Storm Struck (find out what it’s like to be caught in the perfect storm), and Where’s the Fire (become a fire chief by answering fire safety questions and have your picture taken with the 30 foot fire truck).  You can also play in the Play it Safe maze.  There’s just so much to do! Height Recommendation: Depends on what exhibit you want to try Age: All ages (also depends on what exhibit you want to try) Character Spot/Shopping: If you’re looking for Mickey and friends, you can find them near Innoventions West.  This is great if you are looking to kill some time while your older kids run off to do Soarin’ or Test Track. Be sure to also check out Mouse Gears, which is a huge gift shop located right next door to the Meet and Greet. Height Recommendation: None Age: All ages

World Showcase

Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure: This is an interactive game for young kids, where they help Agent P stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz from completing one of this evil plans.  This interactive game is a great way for you and the kids to explore a country or two in World Showcase. Height Recommendation: None  Age: Kids, Teens, Adults Kidcot Fun Stops: Located in different pavilions (you can find out which ones here) kids can stop in and color/paint a little Duffy the Disney Bear cutout, meet Cast Members from different countries, and receive passport-like stamps at each Fun Stop as a keepsake for exploring Epcot. Height Recommendation: None Age: Preschoolers, Kids Grand Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros: Located inside the Mexico pavilion, you’ll board a relaxing boat ride and take a tour of Mexico.  Part of this ride is very similar to It’s a Small World in that it features moving and dancing animatronics in one part of the tour. You may also catch Donald Duck doing a Meet and Greet right outside of the pavilion during the day.  Make sure to check your time guides to find out when. Height Recommendation: None Age: All ages Maelstrom: Located in Norway, this ride takes you on a journey through dark fjords and forests.  Chris and I love this ride!  There are trolls, enchanted swamps, and polar bears to look out for during this ride and we love the fun drop at the end.  It’s a thrill ride that even the youngest thrill seekers will enjoy. There is also a 5 minute movie about Norway and all its beauty at the end.  If you’ve never seen it before, I would definitely recommend watching it (at least once!). Height Recommendation: None Age: Kids, Teens, Adults Character Meet and Greets: Make sure to pick up a Times Guide as soon as you enter the park to find out what characters will be out at what times.  Whether you want to meet Anna and Elsa in Norway, or Belle and Sleeping Beauty in France, you’ll be able to catch them all with your Times Guide! Height Recommendation: None Age: Kids, Teens, Adults A Taste for Flavor: Epcot is a great place to experience all different kinds of foods from around the world.  Stop by the bakery in France, arrange to eat in Morocco, or get a Bratwurst in Germany (Chris’ favorite).  And don’t worry, if you or your children have food allergies there will be plenty of options for you too!  Just make sure to let the Cast Members know before you order. So you see?  There is plenty to do at Epcot, no matter what your age!  Just remember, you will be walking a lot at Epcot, so if you have a little one a stroller is a must. Do you have any attractions that are a must-see at Epcot that I didn’t put on the list?

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