Five Tips for Keeping Your Phone Charged at Disney!

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One of the most challenging things about going to Disney is keeping your phone charged. Your phone is your life line. You document everything on it from pictures with the characters, to fireworks shows, to Cinderella’s Castle.  But, it’s also great to have available if you get separated from your party and you need to call them.  Bottom line, you need your phone charged.  But the problem is, you are constantly using your cell phone while at the parks.  Whether you are taking pictures or editing/booking Fastpasses, that little cellular device is a must-have.  But let’s face it, cell phone batteries don’t last forever.  And if you’re signal isn’t that great while at Disney then it’ll die faster than normal.  So, how do you keep the charge while still being able to document your trip?  I have a few suggestions for you!

5 Tips for Keeping Your Phone Charged at Disney

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Use airplane mode

If you’re using your phone to take pictures (or videos) of your children with all the characters, one way to conserve battery life is to turn it on airplane mode.  I personally do this all the time because my phone battery is on it’s last leg and I try to preserve what little charge it holds.  This is a great option to keep your phone alive and well while walking around the parks!

Use charging lockers

Located in the Space Mountain gift shop and Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe at Magic Kingdom, Disney is testing a phone charging station in the form of lockers.  Each location has 12 lockers you can leave your phone in while going on rides or eating.  The lockers that are blue are free and ready for you to use, a green locker means a phone is inside and charged, and a red locker means there is a phone inside that is charging.  To use it, you swipe your credit card (this is a free service, the credit card is used only as a unique ID to open a locker) and select which type of charger you need.  You can pick from a Apple Lightning, Apple 30 pin, or a regular USB depending on the type of phone you have.  As of now, there are no time limits to how long you can leave your phone in a locker.  Just remember that these lockers are in a testing phase so there are limited lockers available!

Use charging outlets

In case you can’t get to a locker before they’re all filled, there are other options!  As long as you bring your wall charger with you, you can charge your phone in multiple quick dinning areas (in all four of the parks) as well as Storybrooke Circus and the Fantasyland Tangled Restroom Area at the Magic Kingdom.

Bring a USB Portable Charger

My Grandmother gave all of the grandkids a portable charger for Christmas, and this thing has been a lifesaver for Chris and I while we’re at Disney!  We each have one so I make sure they’re fully charged each morning and then, if need-be, we can charge them throughout the day while we’re at the parks.  I never travel without mine, and I really do love it!

Use in-park Wi-fi

In park wi-fi can be a hit or miss for us.  While it is a great option for conserving battery life, sometimes my phone won’t pick up a strong signal and it ends up draining the battery instead.  Be careful when trying out this option because it could end up killing your battery. If this happens, seek out a charging locker to get your phone back to 100%!

What do you think?

How do you keep your phone charged while hanging out at Disney?

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  1. we used our portable charger and it’s always been a lifesaver! 🙂 Also, just a tip to add: iPhones charge faster when theyre on airplane mode!

    1. Portable chargers are great! And yes, airplane mode is a lifesaver when charging your phone or conserving battery life! I use it all the time. 🙂

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