Merry and Bright SVG File

This hand lettered merry and bright svg file is a perfect addition to your holiday decor! This simple design looks great on wood signs, sweatshirts, tea towels, pillows and more.

This post was last updated on November 20, 2022

Christmas crafts are my absolute favorite things to make, especially if they’re for other people!

But sometimes I find something I just need in my home and this merry and bright svg file deserved a spot near my Christmas tree this year!

I really love projects that can be used for multiple things. So even though I used this merry and bright svg file on a wood sign, it would also look awesome on a sweatshirt (perfect for lounging!), coffee mug or tumbler, pillows, ornaments, and more!

If you’re going to put this merry and bright svg file on a wood sign you can either make your own or buy one from Etsy (you can also find them at Hobby Lobby or Michaels).

I bought my wood sign from this seller on Etsy and was really impressed with the quality and cost. Plus, it was nice not to have to make my own!

If you’re buying a premade sign it’s usually better to use either stencil vinyl or adhesive vinyl for these projects. Heat transfer vinyl would be hard because you’d have to use a heat press and work around the wood frame — it’s easier just to use a stencil vinyl or adhesive vinyl and not have to worry about a heat press.


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    What materials do you need to make this project?

    You will need:

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    How to put vinyl on wood to make this Merry & Bright Christmas Sign

    What types of vinyl can I use on wood?

    There are three types of vinyl you can use on wood signs:

    Heat Transfer Vinyl –

    Heat transfer vinyl gives you the look of paint without actually having to paint anything! The heat helps the vinyl “melt” into the wood so that you don’t have a raised design if you touch it.

    HTV works well on a flat piece of wood. This might be a little hard if you’re using a framed wood sign because the frame may get in the way of laying your Cricut EasyPress or heat press flat on the wood. But if you’re using a smaller Cricut EasyPress then you’ll be able to get a nice flat press on a 12×12 sign.

    You can read all about using heat transfer vinyl on wood here (there’s a how-to video to watch as well!).

    And yes, patterned heat transfer vinyl can be used on wood too!

    Adhesive Vinyl –

    Adhesive vinyl is what I used for this wood sign!

    There are two types of adhesive vinyl: permanent and removeable. You will want to make sure you use permanent vinyl (also called 651 vinyl). Permanent vinyl will last for years and won’t peel off the wood.

    Since it sits on top of the wood it will give you a raised look to your design. You also do not need to seal the vinyl on your wood sign if it’s going to be indoors. Always seal your signs if you’re setting them outside though!

    Stencil Vinyl –

    I use stencil vinyl the most when making wood signs so that I can use multiple colors without worrying about layering vinyl. My favorite and the only kind I recommend is Oramask 813. I’ve also used removable vinyl but I just don’t like it as much.

    In order to get clean paint lines you will need to seal the stencil before painting.

    Don’t worry though, it’s not complicated! I have a whole post that shows you two ways to seal your stencil so your paint doesn’t bleed!

    Where can I find craft blanks to put this file on?

    There are so many places to find craft blanks but I’ll narrow it down to three that I frequently buy from (like, a lot).

    Target Dollar Spot – seriously, this little area in Target is always a good place to find craft blanks! This Rae Dunn Holiday Wood Sign came from there. So did these cute little mailboxes I made over for Valentines Day!

    Etsy – Not only do I buy a large amount of SVG files from Etsy but they also have great craft blanks too! I bought this wooden sign from Etsy and am really happy with it!

    Amazonany list of craft blanks isn’t complete unless you mention Amazon. It’s really good if you’re looking for a bulk order of something…but if you don’t need 25+ acrylic craft blanks it might not be the place for you.

    I’ve had good luck with if Amazon doesn’t have exactly what I need!

    And if you’re looking for t-shirts, sweatshirts, or kids shirts…Jiffy Shirts is my favorite place to buy from! Bella Canvas for women is the best shirt option in my opinion. Though Walmart also has very comfy womens sweatshirts that are somewhat inexpensive you can use too!


    Each month I get together with the SVG design squad to bring you free SVG files. This month we all came together to offer you free Christmas SVG files for you to use on all of your holiday projects – including my Merry and Bright SVG file.

    DISCLAIMER: Please note that Tamara from Tam’s Sweet Life no longer has an active blog. Her cut file is no longer available, sorry for the inconvenience!

    Christmas Unicorn SVG from Crafts of a Different Shade

    Colorful Christmas Luminaries from Oh Yay Studio

    Christmas Countdown from Poofy Cheeks

    I’ll Be Home For Covid 2020 from Kayla Makes

    Is it Christmas yet? from Polka Dotted Blue Jay

    Wise men still seek Him from Chameleon Cuttables

    Christmas Pun Here Ornament Print & Cut Card from MightE Made It

    Merry and Bright SVG File from Simply Made Fun

    Christmas Stocking Banner from Sunshine and Munchkins

    Your Favorite Wrapper T-Shirt from The Craft Print

    Merry Mail Sticker Designs from Crafting Overload

    It’s beginning to cost alot like Christmas from Tams Sweet Life

    Other Christmas Crafts We Love:

    Merry and Bright Wooden Sign Tutorial

    Merry and Bright Wooden Sign Tutorial

    Yield: 1
    Prep Time: 5 minutes
    Active Time: 15 minutes
    Total Time: 20 minutes
    Difficulty: Easy
    Estimated Cost: $30
    This hand lettered merry and bright svg file makes the perfect addition to your holiday decor! It is a simple and modern design that looks great on wood signs, tea towels, pillows, sweatshirts and more!


    Download the Merry and Bright SVG File.

    1. Open the SVG file in your Silhouette software (there is a video tutorial on how to do that in this post).
    2. Put your vinyl on a mat and then load it into your machine.
    3. Make sure you have the correct cut settings (VINYL: MATTE, BLADE: 1, SPEED: 5, FORCE: 10).
    4. Hit cut.
    5. Weed your design and then place transfer tape on top. Pick up your vinyl design with the transfer tape.
    6. Make sure your design in centered on your wood sign before you press down.
    7. Remove the transfer tape and admire your new sign!


    It took me 10 minutes to cut this SVG file. The reason was my cut settings:

    BLADE: 2
    FORCE: 20
    SPEED: 1

    I like to slow down my speed and up the force and blade for the Matte Vinyl settings on projects like this because of the smaller pieces. The snowflakes are somewhat intricate and slowing my speed down helps ensure that they will cut properly.

    Instead of upping your force or blade you could just up the PASSES to 2, but I like changing up my force and blade better.

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