Silhouette Cameo Gift Guide

Are you thinking of asking for a cutting machine for Christmas this year?  This Silhouette Cameo gift guide has everything you will need for your new cutter, all in one place! 

It is absolutely no secret that I use my Silhouette machine for everything.  Any time I have a craft project in mind I tweak it so that I can use my Silhouette to help the idea in my head come to life.  And most of the time I absolutely love how my projects come out!  Which is why I think everyone who wants to get crafty needs their own Silhouette Cameo.  And what better way to convince y’all than putting together a silhouette cameo gift guide?

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**Updated on 11/24/16**

I don’t know about y’all but as a crafter I buy a lot of my craft supplies on Amazon, and the Prime Membership with two day shipping is a lifesaver when I have a project due and need some vinyl or when my blade craps out on me and I need a new one.

Over the past two years I’ve bought quite a few things for my Silhouette machine and I still have a few items on my wish-list.  For the most part though, I have all the basic tools I need to make my crafts awesome.  If you’re thinking of asking for a Silhouette machine for Christmas this year, this gift guide will help you figure out all the things you need!

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Here’s my Silhouette Cameo gift guide with 15 tools you need for your machine!

Silhouette Cameo

I actually own a Silhouette Portrait but I wish I had spent the extra money and upgraded to a Cameo.  The reason?  You can cut a bigger design with the cameo.  The Portrait cutting mat is 8 x 10 and the Cameo is 12 x 12.  I cannot tell you how many times I have had to size down a project because I just can’t cut the size I want with my Portrait.  So yes, I wish I had the cameo.

If bluetooth is important to you (because who needs more cords in their life?), then you should check out the Silhouette Cameo 3!

Silhouette Sketch Pens

Sketch Pens are fun if you like to make a lot of gift tags, address envelopes, or design a printable with your Silhouette.  I haven’t used mine as much as I could, and I’m looking forward to using them more in the coming year!

Silhouette Weeding Tools

My favorite tools to use with the Silhouette is the hook (which I use all the time when weeding) and the scraper.  The scraper is great when needing vinyl to stick to transfer tape or to whatever object I’m trying to put it on!

Oracle 651 Large Vinyl Bundle OR a Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

Y’all know how much I love vinyl crafts!  Trust me when I say that you will be obsessed after you use vinyl for the first time too.  Ask for a huge vinyl bundle for Christmas and you can get started with vinyl crafts as soon as you open up your machine on Christmas morning!

Stencil Vinyl

I’ve just recently gotten into stencil designs with my Silhouette machine and I love it!  I used to use contact paper for stencils and that always ended in a disaster.  It’s definitely worth it to spend a little more and get the vinyl that is made for stencil projects, because it sticks the way it’s supposed to and the projects come out right the first time!

Extra Cutting Mat

You can never have too many of these.  Seriously.  They lose their stick very quickly, and even though I continually put glue on mine to make it sticky again it’s always nice to have a back-up mat in case you need it.

Extra Blades

Never fall victim to a dull blade again!  Keep a replacement in your craft drawer to pull out for whenever your current blade decides to quit on you.

Silhouette Premium Blade

If you do a lot of intricate designs then a premium blade may be just what you need for those tiny cuts.  I’ve found that the blade that comes with the Silhouette Cameo does not cut small designs very well so I upgraded to the premium blade and haven’t been disappointed.  I don’t waste nearly as much materials and I get a perfect cut almost every time!

Roll Feeder

Some crafters like to cut really long pieces of vinyl, and if you do that this roll feeder will help keep the vinyl straight throughout the cut.  Waste vinyl no more!

Light Table

When you have a complicated weeding project (like this monogram file here) it can be a pain in the butt to see which pieces of vinyl you need to pull up.  Using a light table to place your vinyl design on top of will light up the cuts so that you’re not guessing which small piece to pull up time and time again.


If a light table isn’t in your budget then I highly suggest looking into an OttLite.  They come in a variety of sizes (and prices) so you’ll be able to find one to fit your needs!

Silhouette Designer Edition

I bought the designer edition earlier this year and I am IN LOVE!  I highly recommend it because you can cut multi-colored designs easily (you can see what I mean here) and you can also create rhinestone designs and have different options in your Sketch Window.  Another big draw for the designer edition was the different eraser sizes available.  Trust me, they come in handy!

Gift Cards to the Silhouette Store

If you’re just starting out with your machine, you may will find a ton of designs you want to buy in the Silhouette Store.  Using gift cards will save your wallet a little bit of money and you’ll have a budget so you won’t go overboard buying designs.

Heat Press

If you are serious about making crafts to sell, a heat press would be an essential thing to have in your craft room.  It makes it easy to press heat-press designs (like this one) on t-shirts or other fabric items.  I highly suggest getting a bigger one (the 15 by 15 is my recommendation) because you may be pressing shirts for adults and will need the bigger surface area to press it on.


If you love using the print and cut option with your Silhouette, a good printer will go a long way in making your designs look awesome.  If a laser printer isn’t in your budget right now I highly suggest this HP printer.  I have only ever used HP and they’ve never let me down.  The only downside is that the ink can be a bit expensive, but that’s pretty much true with any printer you buy!

There are so many things you could buy for your Silhouette machine, so I really tried to narrow it down to only the essentials.  Now I’m off to forward this Silhouette Cameo gift guide to Chris so he can get some ideas for Christmas!

What tools in this Silhouette Cameo gift guide would you get first?

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