Crafty Wife Changed to Simply Made Fun!

Happy April friends!  The past two months have been really busy (and not just because of my seven month old!) with some big changes for the blog.  I’ve changed Crafty Wife to —-> Simply Made Fun!

The past two months have been really busy with some big changes for the blog. I've changed Crafty Wife to Simply Made Fun!

I know you’re probably wondering why I decided to leave a brand that has served me so well for the past three years.  That was something I struggled with when I was trying to explain to Chris why I felt like I was outgrowing the crafty wife name.  These are a few reasons why I finally decided to take the jump and rebrand.

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Crafty Wife felt outdated

Back when I started the Crafty Wife blog, Chris and I had just gotten married and I was looking for a creative outlet during the day.  At best, my posting was sporadic and the pictures were subpar.  As I got more into blogging I became better at posting on a schedule and even upgraded to a DSLR to up my picture game.  But once I became pregnant I started to feel like the word wife just didn’t describe me anymore.  I wanted a blog name that would embrace every stage of life I would be in, not one that was stuck in the past.

The backend of my site was a dark black hole

I love my husband, but when we set up Crafty Wife we didn’t know what we were doing and really messed some things up.  I wasn’t able to update my website, there was a lot of downtime (almost daily), and it got hacked…..a lot.  Chris and I had talked a lot about wiping the site and starting over now that we had a better idea of how to set things up, but I took my time deciding whether or not I wanted to do it.

Once I finally got tired of all the issues I decided to start over.  And that’s when I decided to rebrand.

Simply Made Fun represents more of what I do

Whenever I try to explain my blog to people, I usually tell them I make simple crafts.  I love when people tell me they saw one of my projects and thought, “hey, I can make that!” and then they do.  My dream has always been to inspire those who don’t think they’re creative enough to try the simplest of crafts to get started.

I also wanted a name that could represent everything I love to share in this space.  While my main focus has always been simply made crafts I have a secondary focus of all things Disney, which is where the fun part of the name comes in.  In everything Chris and I do we try to keep things simple and fun, and we want to encourage our readers to do the same!

So, what happens now?

Over the next few days things may still be a little messy since we switched URL’s and are trying to make sure that everything transfered and will redirect properly.  Everything from should always forward you here (fingers crossed!).

It’s going to take a little time to make sure everything is switched over and working properly.  Please give us a little time as we continue to work out the kinks, and if you notice any problems please email me at teresa[dot]cox1185[at]gmail[dot]com.

I hope you enjoy the new look!

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