Stocking Stuffers for Photographers Under $25

The best part of Christmas morning is opening up my stocking.  I don’t know why, but dumping it out and coming up with candy, little gifts, and more was always so much fun to me.  I love finding little boxes wrapped so carefully in my pile of goodies once I dump everything out.

Stocking stuffers though, they’re the bane of my existence.  It’s hard to find inexpensive stuffers that are meaningful and fun to give on Christmas morning.  When did they become so hard to shop for?  Or have they always been hard and now that I’m an adult I’m just finding it out for myself?

Find unique and inexpensive stocking stuffers for the photographers in your life for under $25!

I’m a huge proponent of not spending a fortune on just the stocking.  It should be full of little gifts and candy.  Lots of candy.  But now-a-days it’s hard to find small, inexpensive, and meaningful gifts.  So, I put together a list of my favorite inexpensive photography stocking stuffers.  Because stockings shouldn’t be expensive!

Find unique and inexpensive stocking stuffers for the photographers in your life for under $25!

1.  Neutral Density Filter Set : I just recently bought this set for our recent trip to Disney and I love them!  They’re not too expensive so they’re great beginner filters that you can test out.  They’re great for pulling out vibrant colors during the day and capturing incredible fireworks photos at night.

2.  LensPen: Keep your lenses and filters clean and smudge free with this compact pen in your camera bag!

3.  24-105mm Travel Coffee Mug: I have been dying for one of these coffee mugs for ages!  I think they are so cute and would be the perfect cup for any coffee cup collection.

4.  On Camera Diffuser: I love the idea of an on camera diffuser for blog photography.  Of course, you can use it for so much more but on those rainy days when you have to shoot indoors, this would definitely come in handy!

Find unique and inexpensive stocking stuffers for the photographers in your life for under $25!

5.  FotoTech Camera Lens Cap Holder: If you lose your lens cap or drop them a lot these holders are the perfect stocking stuffer!  It keeps your cap in one place so you don’t have to go searching for it once your shoot is over.

6.  Memory Card Carrying Case: You can never have too many memory cards as a photographer!  I own this carrying case and love it, because it fits so many cards and they’re all safe and in one place.

7.  Hot Shoe Bubble Level: If you shoot a lot of landscape photography this little level will help you figure out if your camera is level or not so you can get the perfect photo each time!

8.  Fleece Fingerless Fishing Glove: I don’t know about where you all are, but in Virginia it gets cold during those winter months!  These gloves will keep you hands warm that way you can still go out and shoot all that gorgeous snow (I’m hoping!) we’ll get!

And, as a bonus, here are two more items I’d love to have (though they’re both definitely over $25!).

Magazine Subscription: I have found that photography magazines are the best way for me to learn how to do new things with my camera.  Remember my Creative Blur Technique post?  I learned how to do that from my favorite magazine Practical Photography.

Seagate 4TB External Hard Drive: I’ve come across the problem lately where I have way too many photos on my computer and need an external drive to store them all.  It’s a great way to back up your photos and not worry about taking up all the storage on your computer.

What are some photography stocking stuffers that are on your must-have list?


    1. Thank you, Nicky! As far as ideas for a new camera the best advice I can give you is to go to a camera store and try a few brands out. Of course Canon and Nikon are the two most used camera brands but I know a few photographers who use Sony and Pentax and their pictures are just as good. I chose my Nikon d3200 because it was lightweight and that was important to me since I do a lot of travel photography. It also has great specs and had a lot of the things I wanted in a beginner camera. I think it all really depends on what you like and want out of a camera. And one way you’ll find that out is by going to a camera shop and playing around with the models. See if there is a B&H near you, they’re great and they’ll be able to help you a lot! And, happy shopping! Let me know if I can help in any other way. 🙂

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