Craft a Card Thursday: Bubble Guppies

A few days ago a friend from high school posted on Facebook about needing some help from someone who knows Photoshop.  Not knowing what she needed, I responded and offered what semi-limited moderate knowledge I have.  It turned out that she was looking for a birthday invitation design for her twin daughter’s birthday.  Well, invitations are right up my alley so I was more than willing to develop a few prototypes for her to consider.

I have to admit, when she said it was a Bubble Guppies themed party I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.  I don’t have kids so I don’t have Nick Jr. or Disney Junior playing in the background yet.  Suddenly, Wikipedia was my best source for information.  My friend also sent me a prototype of a card she liked so I could branch off from that.

Here is the card she sent me for reference:

I don’t know the source of this photo, but if anyone knows please let me know! I’d like to give them credit for this gorgeous card!

So, I sat down at my computer to see what I could come up with.  All of the images I used are from Google, I made all the card backgrounds in Photoshop, and I downloaded a few bubble fonts from | Bubble Guppies birthday card option one
Option One | Bubble Guppies birthday card option two
Option Two | Bubble Guppies birthday card option three
Option Three

I won’t ruin it and tell you which one she picked (most people will find out when she sends the invites).  For now, it’ll be fun just to guess.

(On a side note: if you’re looking for custom-made invitations and you like my work, send me an e-mail or a private message on my Facebook page!.  I’m considering starting an Etsy shop soon, so be on the lookout for the official announcement on my blog!)

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