True Life: I'm a Gamer

Okay, not really.  My husband is though and I do believe that some of his “gamer” cooties have rubbed off on me since I’ve known him.  Dont worry, I’m not complaining because it could be a lot worse.  At least I’m not addicted to an MMO or anything (haha).

I’m not talking about a computer game, or a video game.  Nope, I’m talking about being addicted to a card game.  And not just any card game, I’m addicted to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (or SmK for short).

You may be wondering what that is.  Well, it is this really fun and interactive game to play at the Magic Kingdom park at Disney World.  There are 70 cards that fall into one of four categories: (1) common, (2) rare, (3) uncommon, and (4) super rare.  You can tell what category the card falls under because of the symbol on the bottom left hand side.  A star means it is rare, a moon means it is uncommon, a planet means it is common, and a lightning bolt means it is super rare.  Each time you go to the Magic Kingdom and visit the Fire House building you get a pack of cards (one pack per park pass).  There are seven cards in a pack and each pack contains common and uncommon cards and at least one rare card.  You can only get one pack per day though (unless you beat the game, then they give you another pack!).

The Fire House where you can sign up for the game and get your pack of cards.

The super rare cards

It’s pretty easy to get most of the cards, but the ones you really want to collect are the super rare.  Disney used to put these cards in the free packs but then decided to take them out and start charging you for them instead.  Now, you have to go to the Emporium (a store by the parks entrance) and ask a cashier for the game.  To get a super rare card you have to pay $13.95, but you also receive a game board, another pack of cards, and tokens along with it so you can play at home.  (C and I haven’t tried playing it at home yet but we’re excited about it!)

The take home game

Every day that you are at the Magic Kingdom you can go to the Fire House and get your pack of cards.  As long as you have a park pass you are eligible to get cards.  If it is your first time playing a cast member will give you your cards, a key card, a map, and then they will show you how to play.  The great thing about this game is that no matter what your age, you can play!  It is definitely not just for kids.  In fact, C and I have found that more adults enjoy the game than kids.

The story is that Merlin needs all of our help to stop Hades and his band of villains from taking over the Magic Kingdom.  He will meet up with us at different portals (you can find them on your map) throughout different areas of the park and will give us further instructions from there.  At each portal you will come across a villain and his or her friends that you must use your cards to defeat.  Once you defeat the game you can go back to the Fire House, get a new pack of cards, and re-start the game.

Stay tuned for our next post about the villains and how to use your cards against them!

{Every post C and I do about this game will be under the SmK tab at the top of the page.  Please visit that tab to see more posts about the game}

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