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I will always love Magic Kingdom the best.  It is the park that truly makes me feel like a kid again and there is nothing I don’t enjoy while I’m there.  Hollywood Studios and Epcot are too close to call and are tied in second place.  There are aspects about both parks that I love and other parts that I don’t love as much.

DAK January 2014

And then there is Animal Kingdom.  I’m sorry to say that it comes in dead last.  I remember going to that park the year it opened with my high school band in 2004.  I didn’t like it then and I still don’t like it now.  Don’t get me wrong, there are rides that I love (uhh…Expedition Everest anyone?!) but I’m not a huge animal person so the park really isn’t my favorite.  I actually only have about four things I’d say are must-do’s at the park.

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Expedition Everest
Expedition Everest

-I am a huge roller coaster fanatic so I love this ride!  It’s definitely a must-do if you are a thrill seeker.  Travel through the icy peaks of the Himalayas on a thrilling ride, but watch out for the Yeti!  This ride has some pretty frightening aspects for young ones (confined spaces, loud noises, etc).
Age: Kids, Teens, Adults
Height Requirement: 44 inches

Finding Nemo-The Musical

-If you love Nemo and his friends you’ll have a great time watching this musical!  Based on the movie, this 40 minute musical will take you on a journey with Marlin and Dory as they search for Nemo.  The songs are adorable and I really love when they run into the sharks.  It’s sure to bring lots of laughs to the entire family!
Age: Preschool, Kids, Teens, Adults
Height Requirement: none

Kilimanjaro Safaris
Kilimanjaro Safaris

-This attraction is always a hit or miss for me.  Sometimes you’ll see some really great animals and other times you won’t.  It really just depends on the time of day, how hot it is, and the time of year.  I love seeing the elephants and giraffes, but if I don’t see them then I don’t really feel like the ride (or wait) is worth it.
Age: Preschool, Kids, Teens, Adults
Height Requirement: none

Kali River Rapids

-I haven’t been on this ride since I was in high school but I remember really loving it.  I’m not a huge fan of walking around in soaking wet clothes anymore so Chris and I don’t go on a lot of water rides, but if you’re at Disney during the summer than this is a must-do!  You’ll get soaked!
Age: Kids, Teens, Adults
Height Requirement: 38 inches

Chris and I can usually do Animal Kingdom in two hours or less.  I think that for us, because we both have animal allergies, we don’t really see the appeal of the park.  But, we both know plenty of people who disagree with us.  It’s truly personal preference.  I also think (for me at least) that there just isn’t a lot to do at the park.  I’m looking forward to the expansion and all the extra things it will bring to the park.  Hopefully they’ll put a few good rides (geared towards adults) in!

So, how do you feel about Animal Kingdom?  Are you a big fan?  Or are there other parks you’d rather visit?


  1. Hi. I’m a big Disney fan, too. Been there a dozen times and to Disneyland once. Living in Missouri, it’s not easy to get to more frequently. I agree with your pecking order or parks, too. Animal Kingdom is great for about 1/2 a day, and a.m. is best. We were there last May and loved the shows and the safari ride most. Love your blog!

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