Minnie Mouse Tea Party

I love making cards in Photoshop for people. And I love it even more when someone likes what I’ve done so much and comes back for another order. It always makes my day.

About a year ago, a friend from high school asked on Facebook if anyone had any experience in Photoshop and if they would be willing to help her out with invitations.  At that point, my knowledge of the program was minimal but I was willing to try anyway. This was the invitation I made for her last year.

Last week she contacted me again and asked if I could make a Minnie Mouse invitation similar to this one for her twin daughters’ upcoming birthday.  Of course I said yes!  Because really, when have I ever turned anything down that was Disney related?  She knew I’d have a blast doing the invitation and I was excited to get started, but it was a lot harder to execute than I had originally thought.

Looking for a similar Minnie silhouette turned out to be the worst part of this card for me.  I spent days on google, Etsy, and any other site I could think of (using hundreds of different search terms) to try to find the silhouette.  But, I kept coming up empty-handed.  It was incredibly frustrating!  Finally I came to the realization that it just wasn’t going to happen and I needed to rethink the way this card was going to look.

Sometimes though, I surprise myself.  And that’s what happened with this card.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Card from Crafty Wife

And even though there are some differences between my card and the one from Etsy, I’m still pretty proud of the way my card came out.  Was it what I pictured in my head originally?  No.  Am I happy with it anyway?  Yep!

What do you think?  Are you fans of character invitations?


    1. Thank you Kristy! I was pretty excited to make this card and am so happy with the way it turned out. Character cards are so cute! I hope you post the Frozen invitations you made on your blog! I bet they’re adorable!

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