Class of 2022 Graduation Shirt

Use this class of 2022 graduation svg on t-shirts, banners, graduation caps signs and more to celebrate the grads that are done with school in 2022!

It’s time for another free svg cut file roundup with all of my creative friends and I am so excited for the files this month! If you know a graduate this year then we have 18 free svg cut files for you to browse and use to make fun shirts, cards, grad cap sayings and more!

My Class of 2022 graduation file would look really great on a shirt, banner, pillow, grad cap and so many other things!

Class of 2022 SVG

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    What you need to make a Class of 2022 graduation shirt:

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    What type of heat transfer vinyl should you use on shirts?

    I love Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl for shirts. Stretch HTV is also good because it’ll stretch with the shirt without weakening the adhesive.

    How do you make sure your design is in the center of the shirt?

    I learned a while ago to fold my t-shirts in half (sleeve to sleeve) and use my heat press to press the crease.

    You can see how we used this trick for this Valentine’s Day shirt!

    You can also fold your vinyl in half (make sure the sticky sides are facing out) to find the center of your vinyl design.

    How long do you press each layer for a multi-colored design?

    With the CraftPro Heat Press I heated it up to 315 and pressed each layer for 10 seconds.

    It’s a bit of trial and error depending on what type of heat press you’re using. The best thing to do is to try to press for 5 seconds and then see if your vinyl has adhered to your shirt by lifting up the transfer sheet. If your vinyl design comes up with the transfer sheet then you need to press for a little bit longer. Keep doing this until you find the amount of time that works for you!

    Once you have every layer adhered onto your shirt, do one final press for the full amount of time (mine was 20 seconds).


    Every month I team up with a group of amazingly talented crafters to bring you a bundle of free svg cut files! This month’s theme was Graduation and there 18 free files for you to use! Download all of these awesome files by visiting the blog posts (links are underneath the image). All svg cut files are free to use for personal use only and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram (#svgdesignsquad) if you make one of our projects and share it!

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