DIY wedding cord display

Hey guys! This is Bex from Butcher’s niche. I’m very excited to be here for my first contributor post at Crafty wife.

Today I wanted to share something that takes the words crafty and wife very seriously! I’m sure most of us who are married had some sort of unity ceremony that we of course want to display in our homes once the wedding was over. My husband and I chose to do wedding cords – or God’s Knot ( a 3 corded strand standing for you, your spouse, and God that is braided during the wedding)! When I got married, almost 2 years ago these didn’t seem very popular and there were no ideas on how to display it except to nail it by itself. Seriously, even pinterest had no ideas on how to display the thing. So I finally came up with an idea that both my husband and I love . . .

DIY Wedding Cord Display

I had a pallet with 2 wider pieces on the top and bottom so I pryed (with a crow bar) those two pieces off. If you can’t get your hands on some reclaimed wood – the measurements to take to the hardware store would be 2 pieces at 6″x 36″. Sure you could get an 12″ piece, but I think the two pieces give it some character and dimension.

DIY Wedding Cord Display2

Once you’ve got your base pieces you need to attach them. That part is simple . . . just get 2 pieces of  scrap wood short enough to place at the ends and not be seen. Then hammer in two nails on the top and two nails on the bottom.

Once it’s attached, you’ll need to add some picture brackets to the top of each of the scrap wood pieces  . . . these come in packages at the hardware store including the nails!

DIY Wedding Cord Display

feel free to stain it or paint it any color you’d like. I chose to stain mine in Rustoleum Kona. Then you need to get your wedding cord on!Place it where you’d like it to go and then simply place 3 nails in through the braids – 1 on each end and 1 in the middle.

At this point it’s all fun and whatever your imagination can dream up! I wanted something simple so I used a stencil to paint our wedding date in the corner and nailed some accessories from Jo’ann’s.

DIY Wedding Cord Display

Once you’ve added the fun stuff you’re all done! Do you have any fun wedding crafts going on?

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