Layered Faux Leather Ghost Earrings (and a free svg!)

Download the free ghost svg cut file and make your own layered faux leather ghost earrings! They are lightweight, easy to make and perfect to wear for Halloween!

I love making faux leather earrings! They’re so easy, cheap and are lightweight which means I can wear them all day long with zero pain.

You can make earrings for any holiday or occasion, like these faux leather Christmas tree earrings….and because faux leather comes in all sorts of colors you can make your earrings as colorful as you like!

Or you could use heat transfer vinyl on faux leather to give them an even different look!

For a while I couldn’t figure out how to cut faux leather. My Silhouette Cameo Autoblade would not give me a clean cut no matter what I did.

I finally learned that you need a new sharp blade to use with faux leather. If your blade is dull at all you will not get a clean cut on your material.

If you get little fly-a-ways on the edges of your faux leather you can use scissors to cut them away. But to avoid this, buy a Silhouette Cameo Autoblade and use it only for faux leather!


To make these earrings you will need:

Layered Ghost SVG

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    Common questions about these layered faux leather ghost earrings!

    What are the best cut settings for faux leather?

    I always have success when using the recommended settings in the Silhouette Design Software.

    If you use those settings and cannot get a clean cut, try upping the blade depth by one or two stops!

    If you can’t get your faux leather to cut then it’s usually a blade depth (force) issue!

    Where can you buy faux leather?

    I really like Cricut’s Faux Leather that you can buy on Amazon!

    I always have great success with it and it is really easy to cut.

    The faux leather ribbon from Hobby Lobby is also easy to cut. But do not buy faux leather remnants. It is very thick and hard to cut!

    How do you make faux leather earrings stiff so they don’t curl when wearing them?

    If you’re using thin faux leather you will find that your earrings tend to curl when wearing them. If you don’t want them to curl you can add a backing to them to make them stiff.

    Use heat n bond on your earrings!

    You can buy heat n bond and use your Cricut EasyPress (or heat press) to put the heat bond on the back of your earrings. Heat n bond is usually used on fabric to connect two pieces, and you can use it on faux leather too.

    To do it with these faux leather ghost earrings, you’ll want to cut out four pieces of the blue faux leather. You’ll place the blue faux leather back to back and put heat n bond in between those two pieces.

    Use heat transfer vinyl on your earrings!

    You can do a similar thing with heat transfer vinyl that you can do with heat n bond. However, it just goes on the back of your earrings, so it’s best to find a complementary color on the back of your earrings!

    Faq’s for these Layered Faux Leather Ghost Earrings

    What size should you make faux leather earrings?

    The best size for faux leather earrings are around 2.5 inches long. You can always make them larger or shorter depending on what you like, but 2.5 inches seem to be a great size for these earrings.

    What is the best machine to use to cut faux leather?

    The Cricut Maker and new Cricut Explore 3 machine can cut faux leather.

    The Silhouette Cameo 3, Silhouette Cameo 4 and the Silhouette Portrait 3 and the Silhouette Curio can all cut faux leather as well.

    Can you cut faux leather by hand for earrings?

    Yes! These layered faux leather ghost earrings are much harder to cut by hand but a simple design is very easy to cut by hand!


    This month I teamed up with Team Creative Crafts to bring you eight different Halloween craft ideas to make!

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    Layered Faux Leather Ghost Earrings

    Layered Faux Leather Ghost Earrings

    Yield: 1 pair
    Prep Time: 5 minutes
    Active Time: 5 minutes
    Total Time: 10 minutes
    Difficulty: Easy
    Estimated Cost: Less than $10

    Download the free ghost svg cut file and make your own layered faux leather ghost earrings! They are lightweight, easy to make and perfect to wear for Halloween!



    1. Download the Layered Ghost SVG File
    2. Open up the file in your Silhouette Software. Make sure they are the right size before cutting them.
    3. Set your Silhouette Cameo settings to the faux leather settings and hit cut.
    4. Make sure your blade cut through the faux leather. If it didn't, up the Force and cut them again!
    5. Remove the earrings from your cutting mat.
    6. Once you put your earring hooks through the faux leather, you're done!

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