Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Use your Silhouette machine to personalize your Christmas gifts this year with these print + cut holiday gift tags!

I love Christmas. There’s just something about wrapping presents while Christmas music is playing in the background that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy this time of year.

I also love picking out wrapping paper. It’s a whole ordeal for whatever reason, but walking down those Target aisles with a hundred other people trying to pick out the perfect paper to go with my tree is a thing I like to do. Which makes NO sense since the paper is just going to be ripped off the present in two seconds flat anyway.

But still, the paper is important y’all. And it has to match the tree. Because, why not?

Typically I like to buy up the entire Target Christmas section; bows, holiday gift tags, twine….the works. I want everything and I want it to match. But if I’m being honest here I think all of those things only matter to me and not the person on the receiving end. And as hard as it was to walk away from the matching holiday gift tags this year, I did it anyway. Though I had all the heart eyes for the cute little gold flecks on those tags.

I figured what’s the use of having a Silhouette if I didn’t make something of my own. And while they may not be as fancy (or cost as much) as those gold flecked holiday gift tags at Target, they are mine and a simple DIY. Plus, I think the kids will love the Christmas and winter elements on them. Because who doesn’t love Santa and snowmen?

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How to use the print and cut feature to make your own holiday gift tags


→ → → Download the CUT files here ← ← ←


+ If you do not have a Silhouette or Cricut machine, print the files at home and cut out the tags on your own. (I love using my Fiskars paper cutter so I get straight lines every time!)

+ If you do have a Silhouette machine, you can follow this tutorial to get the print and cut feature to work on your machine.

+ Once you have them cut out, punch a hole in the holiday gift tags (I always like doing it in an upper corner) and thread the twine through it. Then it’s ready to put on your gift!

This year I swore to myself I would get a little more handmade with Christmas, and I’m happy I decided to go ahead and make my own holiday gift tags rather than buying the ones at Target. I still love them (and for some reason I can’t stop thinking about them) but I like these handmade gift tags even more! And speaking of handmade…check out some of my favorite handmade Christmas crafts from years past.

Now I’ve just got to finish wrapping the mountain of presents and print off a few more tags for the gifts. Anyone else get ahead of their holiday shopping this year?

more holiday fun!

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