Reliving Memories with the Lyve App

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One of my biggest pet peeves as an amateur photographer is the fact that, with all the thousands of photos I’ve taken, they tend to get buried in the folders on my computer.  And because I love taking photos with my DSLR, my iPhone, and my husband’s iPhone, all the memories are scattered over three different devices.  Consolidating them takes time and effort, and sometimes I just don’t feel like taking an hour or so out of my day to upload, organize them into folders, and then delete the original files off the phones to free up space.  And while I hate having disorganized photos, sometimes it’s the only option I have when I don’t have the time or energy to file them myself!

Reliving Memories with the Lyve App

I was lucky enough to come across the Lyve app recently, and now have a very easy storage solution for my expansive photo collection.  Not only can you look at all your photos with just a swipe of your finger or the click of a mouse, but you can also easily share them with family and friends.  The app also easily groups your photos together by date in a simple timeline, and my little organizing loving heart has fallen head over heels with that feature.

The Lyve app is available on IOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Kindle devices, and it’s free!  All of your photos are consolidated across any and all devices you download the app to and it continuously imports your photos and videos from anywhere you tell it to (like Dropbox or iPhoto).  

My absolute favorite feature of this app is the Memories Past function, which highlights photos from years past and also shows you what you were doing on this day last year.  I can’t believe it was almost a year ago that we celebrated this cuties first birthday!

Since Chris and I found out we are expecting our first back in January, one of the nice things about this app is that I can look back on all of the growing belly pictures with just the click of a mouse.  It’s fun to see how much I’ve grown over the past five months and it’s crazy to think how much bigger I’ll get in the remaining four months.  Actually, I don’t want to think how much bigger I’ll get.  It’s already difficult to get up and down easily because this baby is sitting so low!

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A Lyve Home Giveaway

One lucky reader gets to take home a Lyve Home photo storage system, which is worth $299!

The Lyve Home has 2 Terabytes worth of storage and it will safely and securely back up all your photos and videos that you take!  While the Lyve Home is not necessary to have if you are using the Lyve app, it is a benefit because it will store your original files and allow you to delete photos off your phone and other devices to free up valuable space!  And we all know how important space is on your phones and other devices!

Reliving Memories with the Lyve App

For the giveaway, you will need to do the following:

  1. Download the Lyve app for your phone or tablet (iOS or Android)
  2. Find a picture that evokes an emotional memory of friends/family
  3. Share your feelings around the photo/app in the comments below!
  4. Although it isn’t required, it would be awesome if you could share your photo on social media with the hashtag #MemoryLane so everyone can enjoy it. Why not include a link to your share in your comment as well?

Note: Lyve will verify that the winner has created a Lyve account. Giveaway ends 11:59pm EST May 19, 2015. Open to US residents 18+. Winner will be notified via email and have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen.

What memories have you relived with the Lyve App


  1. My son going down the slide by himself. It made me feel happy and joyful because for a long time he was afraid to do it by himself.

  2. I absolutely love this app! I hate taking my pictures off my phone, but because I take so many I have to in order to be able to continue taking more, but this app will allow me to access all of my pictures! The pictures that evoke the most emotions are of my children, especially when they were babies. The pictured I shared was of my son just before he turned one and still had curls in his hair, which are all gone now.

    1. Hi! Yes I have selected a winner and have e-mailed them to let them know. Thank you so much for entering the giveaway!

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